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Chino reported:

There are three or four still flying and selling rides to raise the maintainence money... Fuddy Duddy here is one of these flying "Flying Forts".

B-17 Fuddy Duddy's Nose Turret

B-17 Fuddy Duddy's Tail Guns

B-17 Pilot Panel -

B-17 Fuddy Duddy's Tail Door

Chino reported:

"While it's rugged looking, it sure isn't as big as I once imagined it, and it's not built for comfort either... especially at 30,000 feet with those big, open waist gun ports letting in all that frigid air. Keep your thermal underwear and oxygen hoses plugged in and free of ice, boys!

My father-in-law Charles H. Cook piloted the B-17 for about 6 months in 1942 before he was reassigned to the B-24. He says it was such a dream to fly, he simply loved that airplane -- of course he also had the benefit of never having been shot at in the Flying Fort -- his B-24 memories are decidedly more mixed!

I guess all I can do now is watch "Memphis Belle" (great movie) on again and wait for the new sim to arrive in the mail!"

B-17 Bomb bay catwalk
Watch your step!

B-17 Waist gun
B-17 Waist gun