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Sean Long, Eagle driver, talks about taking off in a clean F-15E:

  • Engines to 80% on static run-up, check temps and oil pressure.
  • Throttles to Max, release brakes.
  • AB stage one KICK, check nozzle swings.
  • AB stage two, already 135 knots so pull stick back to seat pan.
  • AB stage three, plane leaps airborne before 1000 ft roll.
  • Throttles back to mil, pull nose up a bit, raise gear/flaps before overspeed.
  • Gear up, throttles back to MAX and level off.
  • Stage one - two - three - four - five - end of runway coming up, 500 knots
  • Stick back, only 6 G's because the MX forms are loose in a rack that usually holds a radar transmitter.
  • Nose 85 deg up, back to min AB
  • Passing 10k, roll and pull 6 G's to level off on heading
  • Roll upright, tell departure I'm airborn level at 15,000 ft, still doing 350 knots and accelerating again.
  • All in less time than it took you to read that :   )