North American P-51 Mustang 
  • content_pasteThe P-51 Mustang was apparently known as the F-51 in the Korean War. What was one of the most formidable and effective air superiority machines in WW2 was, only 5 years later relegated mainly to a ground attack role. The jet age had begun.
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  • local_airportNorth American P-51 Mustang
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  • Flying the P-51
  • content_pasteThe P-51D, which I flew, was a very straightforward airplane in every way. By that I mean it wasn't difficult to fly or hard to handle, as long as you remembered a few basic things. First and foremost, you never forgot for a minute that it could bite hard if you got careless.
  • local_airportNorth American P-51 Mustang
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