Air Show

Land and loop demonstration  
software:   F/A-18E Super Hornet
aircraft:   Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet
org:   Digital Integration
tags:   Landing   Aerobatics   Air Show  
published:   1999
Air Show --/o\-- IRL (In Real Life)  
tags:   Air Show      
published:   2021   updated:   2021-03-10
Air Shows in Flight Simulation  
tags:   Air Show      
published:   2021   updated:   2021-03-11
F-111 Dump and burn during the Sydney Olympics  
about:   After getting special permission from a nervous civil aviation authority an RAAF F-111 was granted permission to fly at under 500 feet altitude - practically IN the stadium during the closing ceremony. As it passed over the flame the pilot engaged afterburner and then dumped fuel, resulting in the trademark 100 foot plus trail of fire - as if a chariot of the gods had picked up the flame on the way to Greece.
As it flew 14 kilometres towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge it was accompanied by a sea of flame as the Parramatta River seemed to explode, with fireworks every 500 metres.
aircraft:   General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark
airforce:   RAAF   country:   Australia     locale: Sydney
tags:   IRL: In real life   Air Show    
published:   2000