Cardiff Airport

  • Recon flight in Artsakh
  • content_pasteTake off from airport in Stepanakert, the capital of Artsakh.
    o Got lost
    o Once again realised that relying on google maps' driving instructions is a mistake!
    o Worst landing to date... ran into the mud!
    o On the plus side... absolutely gorgeous sunset!
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  • Armenia  Armenia
  • location_cityStepanakert
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  • Old Fort Bay
  • content_pasteOld Fort Bay is a private gated community, club, and former British colonial fort located in northwestern New Providence Island in The Bahamas just east of Lyford Cay. The clubhouse itself is the site of a fort that was built by the British during the 18th century to fend off pirates.Wikipedia'
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  • Bahamas  Bahamas
  • location_cityNew Providence
  • tagDrone Footage
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  • compare_arrowsBahamas by Art_P  (external link)
  • Bahamas by Art_P
  • content_pasteIncludes Nassau's Lynden Pindling International Airport (MYNN) and all other Bahamas airports served by Bahamas Air including MYAB, MYAF, MYAK, MYAM, MYAN, MYAP, MYAT, MYBG, MYBS, MYCA, MYCB, MYCI, MYEF, MYEH, MYEM, MYER, MYGF, MYIG, MYLD, MYLS, MYMM and MYSM. Most custom scenery objects are vintage 2016 as previously created by me for FSX scenery.
  • airline_seat_recline_extraMicrosoft Flight Simulator 2020
  • Bahamas  Bahamas
  • tagAdd-onScenery
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  • compare_arrowsBahamas Mega Pack  (external link)
  • Bahamas Mega Pack
  • content_pasteAirports Included:
    • (v1.1) Big Whale Cay - MYX4
    • (v1.1) Black Point - MYEB
    • (v1.2) Chub Cay - MYBC
    • (v1.1) Lee Stocking Island - MYXE
    • (v1.1) Little Farmer's Cay - MYFC
    • (v1.1) Little Whale Cay - MYZ3
    • (v1.2) Moore's Island - MYAO
    • (v1.1) Rudder Cut Cay - MYX7
    • (v1.2) Spanish Cay - MYAX
    • (v1.1) Staniel Cay - MYES
    • (v1.2) Walker's Cay - MYAW
    • New in v1.1:
    • (v1.2) Scotland Cay - MYXI
    • (v1.1) Norman's Cay - MYEN
    • New in v1.2:
    • (v1.2) Deep Water Cay - MYXZ
    • (v1.2) West End Airport - MYGW
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  • Bahamas  Bahamas
  • tagAdd-onScenery
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  • compare_arrowsProject Life: Bahamas Megapack  (external link)
  • Project Life: Bahamas Megapack
  • content_pasteAll mods will work with the MSFS Basic version but it is recommended to have the MSFS Premium version installed to ensure that all included objects appear in your sim. Other versions (Standard and Deluxe) will work, but some items may not appear.
    It is highly recommended to have all free World updates installed.
    Do not forget to check the dependencies. its imperative to have the list of dependancies installed, or your scenery will not display correctly / incomplete.
    • Arthurs Town (MYCA)
    • Cape Eleuthera (MYZ2)
    • Cat Cay Airport (MYCC)
    • Great Harbour Cay (MYBG)
    • New Bight (MYCB)
    • New Port Nelson (MYRP)
    • Norman's Cay (MYEN)
    • North Eleuthera (MYEH)
    • South Bimini (MYBS)
    • Deadmans Cay (MYLD) - added 16/1/21
    • Normans Cay (MYEN) - added 17/1/21
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  • Bahamas  Bahamas
  • tagAdd-onScenery
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  • Recon flight
  • content_pasteHad a bit of unexpected excitement at the end of this idyllic flight as the gear didn't extend and I had to do a go-around!
    o Take off from Grantley Adams (TBPB) in Bridgetown
    o Fly N up the coast
    o Follow it around, admiring the beaches
    o Land!
  • airline_seat_recline_extraMiGMan’s World Tour
  • Barbados  Barbados
  • location_cityBridgetown
  • flight_takeoffGrantley Adams
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  • Belize IRL
  • Belize  Belize
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  • Recon flight in Chile: Beach Run
  • content_pasteA low level run along some of the beautiful Chilean coastline.
  • airline_seat_recline_extraMiGMan’s World Tour
  • Chile  Chile
  • tagGoPro
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  • compare_arrowsGuns, Guns, Guns! (Not Really)   (external link)
  • Guns, Guns, Guns! (Not Really)
  • content_paste"One of the cool things about Microsoft Flight Simulator is the ability to do multiplayer flights with other players over the internet. I have done quite a few of these, most often group flights where we explore some interesting part of the world while we talk about flying or other things, over Discord or Skype. I've also done flights with my Australian friend Pete (a.k.a. "MiGMan"), often testing out routes in his ongoing MiGMan's World Tour (MMWT) Series. This is an enjoyable social aspect of flight simulation, where airplane nerds can talk with other airplane nerds about airplanes as they pretend to fly them!"
  • airline_seat_recline_extraMiGMan’s World Tour | Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
  • Italy  Italy
  • location_cityNaples
  • personBruce Irving | MiGMan
  • tagPodcastMultiplayerACM
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  • Recon flight
  • content_paste1 - Intersection near Diago
    2 - Niger River
  • airline_seat_recline_extraMiGMan’s World Tour
  • Mali  Mali
  • location_cityBamako
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  • Bern's Lakes
  • content_paste-/o\-- BRIEFING --/o\--
    Swiss Lakes
    WP 1 - Western shore of Lake Moossee
    WP 2 - North East shore of Lake Biel (at the breakwater)
    WP 3 - South West shore of Lake Murtensee
  • airline_seat_recline_extraMiGMan’s World Tour
  • Switzerland  Switzerland
  • location_cityBern
  • flight_takeoffBelp
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  • Boston, 2009
  • content_pasteHoliday snaps I took in Boston, August 2009 as a guest of Flying Singer and his charming family.
  • USA  USA
  • personMiGMan
  • tagArchitecture
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  • Sun Worship
  • content_pasteSome of the pagan traditions are still alive in the Kingdom albeit in a modified form! I refer tongue-in-cheek of course to the cult of Sun Worship.
  • Denmark  Denmark
  • location_cityAarhus
  • personMiGMan
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  • Clausholm Slot
  • content_pasteClausholm was the first Castle I saw. We arrived on a rainy afternoon and set out in our plastic raincoats to explore the Baroque Gardens and buildings.
  • Denmark  Denmark
  • personMiGMan
  • tagArchitecture
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  • Kirkegaarde
  • content_pasteThe sign said "Kirkegaarde" and something else, which I took to mean "Kirkegaarde is buried here
  • Denmark  Denmark
  • personMiGMan
  • tagArchitecture
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  • Rud in rural Denmark.
  • content_pasteRud is located in the region of South Denmark. South Denmark's capital Vejle (Vejle) is approximately 38 km / 24 mi away from Rud (as the crow flies).
  • Denmark  Denmark
  • location_cityAarhus
  • personMiGMan
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  • Read my submission to ADFRAS, uncensored   (download)
  • content_pastePeter Inglis’ submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Inquiry into Australian Defence Force Regional Air Superiority, 2006
  • Australia  Australia
  • military_techRAAF
  • personMiGMan
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  • Tomahawk by David Poyer
  • content_paste"In the mid-1980s, Poyer's continuing protagonist, navy officer Dan Lenson, is a lieutenant commander holding a vital Pentagon position in the trouble-plagued development of the Tomahawk cruise missile. "
  • USA  USA
  • personDavid Poyer | David Poyer
  • tagNavy
  • Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds
  • content_pasteWay back in the distant mists of time I attended a primary school in Australia. One day an English migrant lad turned up and started raving about an action / adventure TV show which had the most incredible aircraft.... piloted by puppets! Needless to say we thought he was quite mad and attributed his ravings to the effects of the tropical sun. Little did we know! A couple of years later Thunderbirds turned up on our TV screens and started for many of us a lifelong fascination with aviation. In this exhibit I compare the 1966 ac with the 2004 versions.
  • United Kingdom  United Kingdom

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