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Box art comparison

These comparison tables will be gradually populated in 2020 as I migrate the Museum exhibits and artifacts to the new schema.
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Title Year Read more About
7471981Read more 747: Box art comparison
_sw template1980Read more _sw template: Box art comparison
tx about box 1
1942 The Pacific Air War1992Read more 1942 The Pacific Air War: Box art comparison
3-D Helicopter Simulator1987Read more 3-D Helicopter Simulator: Box art comparison
MiGMan thanks Derek Higgs and Scott "Zuma" Wolf for the scans.
A-10 Cuba1996Read more A-10 Cuba: Box art comparison
A-10 Tank Killer1989Read more A-10 Tank Killer: Box art comparison
A-10 Warthog1999Read more A-10 Warthog: Box art comparison
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere1999Read more Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere: Box art comparison
Aces Collection1997Read more Aces Collection: Box art comparison
Aces of the Pacific1992Read more Aces of the Pacific: Box art comparison
MiGMan thanks Len "Viking 1" Hjalmarson for the scan.
Enemy Engaged Comanche vs. Hokum2000Read more Enemy Engaged Comanche vs. Hokum: Box art comparison
Falcon1987Read more Falcon: Box art comparison
MiGMan thanks Joe Reeves for the scan.
Falcon 3.01991Read more Falcon 3.0: Box art comparison
Richard Hawley reminisces about the classic era of packaging, when style and content reached their zenith...

"The layout was done by the Van Winkle Design Group. The simplistic look yet obvious attention to detail had European distributors importing US copies due to demand, despite the box clearly stating that it was "For distribution in North America and Australia only". Later Microprose would take over the publishing and distribution of Spectrum Holobyte products in europe and this classic silver box gave way to the usual Microprose printed slip-cover. The original first edition box as printed in the United States had a silver F-16 with "Falcon 3.0" embossed into the carton. It doesn't show up to well on the scan here. Note the "3.0" is not coloured, it's left for the light to catch raised surface. This box became something of a design classic in the computer game publishing world."
Harrier Jump Jet1992Read more Harrier Jump Jet: Box art comparison
"You'll never get closer to the real thing. Your only other option would be to join the Air Force". So sayeth the box blurb from Microprose's 1992 Harrier Jump Jet sim
MACERead more MACE: Box art comparison