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Art: Media

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Title Year Read more About
7471981Read more 747: Art: Media
MiGMan thanks Keith Ainsworth for the scan.
_sw template1980Read more _sw template: Art: Media
3-D Helicopter Simulator1987Read more 3-D Helicopter Simulator: Art: Media
John D. Yarrow (Website: Build a Throttle) found a copy of the sim.
"One of the better points of being the tech at a second-hand computer store is the chance to stumble upon the occasional "antique". Today someone sold us some old stuff and it included the Sierra 3D helicopter sim, on the original 360K disk. In fact, I had to re-install a 51/4" drive to read it. What a shock! While it doesn't feel very happy running on my 533, it did run (in DOS). This thing was actually designed around a 4-axis controller system! Cyclic, Collective AND pedals! While the flight model wasn't up to FS2000, it probably would have been better on more familiar turf, say a 386.
According the readme file, even if you loaded it up as an Apache, it still flew as a Robinson R22. So I guess that's the basis of the flight model."
Aces Collection1997Read more Aces Collection: Art: Media
2 CD ROM's containing: A10 Tank Killer, A-10 Tank Killer 2: Silent Thunder, Aces of the Deep, Aces of the Pacific, Aces Over Europe, Red Baron | Manuals | Aviation Pioneers - a multimedia history of early flight.
Falcon1987Read more Falcon: Art: Media
The sim came on 1 floppy disk, hard to believe today but true. One 1.44 MB floppy.
Falcon 3.01991Read more Falcon 3.0: Art: Media
Three disc sets. Most editions carried 4 High Density (1.44mb) black floppy disks and Low Density one black (720k) floppy disk. But due to a Quality Assurance cockup there was also a rare number which carried a BLUE 720k floppy. When this was discovered efforts were made to maintain colour consistency. This is just one of the glamorous tasks people who work in QA departments have to undertake! MiGMan thanks Richard Hawley.
Harrier Jump Jet1992Read more Harrier Jump Jet: Art: Media