Cockpit Tour 747 - factoids

I had time for a few quick questions before leaving the crew to their work:

Analogue backups?
"Yes, 3 digital representations of the ADI, Altitude and Airspeed indicators, each house in their own little nacelle." Neat!

Inertial Navigation System?
"6 Laser ring Gyros."

Cruise speed?
".87 mach."

Autopilot modes?
"All and everything... Altitude hold, Attitude hold, Great Circle Navigation etc etc.".

Speed Brake?
"Sure... this HUGE control lever and a spilt flap system.... check it out on landing"

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 747

NOTE: My cockpit visitations were organised well in advance and through official channels. I feel it is particularly important to make this point in light of the tragic events of September 11th 2001.

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