Take Off from Kuala Lumpur Airport

This time I had a window seat. And it was daylight. The wing seemed to go on F O R E V E R !

A huge wing! I was surprised to see the wing flexing up and down as we started the take-off run. I don't usually think of metal as being plastic but here it was flexing away. The wing tip must move about 2 metres vertically.

The outer part of the wing started flying some time before the rest, so the outer engine was actually flying and bobbing about in the turbulence while the inner engine / wing and the fuselage remained firmly planted on the tarmac.

The acceleration was great, pressing me back into my seat. It occured to me that I would have to drag out my sub-woofer cushion when I got home. The rumbling sensation and noise really adds to the realism of a takeoff.

Up we go - the 74 climbs like a demon.
Well OK, in comparison to a Cessna 172 it climbs like a demon.

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