Denmark 2001

Clausholm Slot

Photos from my trip to the Kingdom of Denmark in 2001.
Clausholm was the first Castle I saw. We arrived on a rainy afternoon and set out in our plastic raincoats to explore the Baroque Gardens and buildings.
The buildings are mostly open to the public and although guided tours are provided we elected to wander through at our own pace. Climbing a steep spiral staircase into the attic I was amazed by the huge wooden beams which have been supporting the steep roof for over 300 years.
In fact Denmark has very little or no original forest growth and looking at the inner skeleton of this manor house I gained some appreciation of why. It turned out though that the large growth trees had mainly been used to construct ships, for at various times in Denmark's history she had formidable naval forces.
Facts :
A moat. A decorative moat rather than a defensive one, but nonethess a moat, the first actual moat I had seen outside the cinema.