There's something Fishy in the state of Denmark...

Herring. Lot's of herring. Also anchovy, lot's of anchovy.

Meals usually featured fish, cheese and fruit followed by sweet waffles and coffee.

Now a word about good Danish coffee.

There isn't any!

OK, let me clarify - you can buy good coffee beans and every day I enjoyed freshly brewed coffee in the homes of friends. But - go out and expect to sit at a cafe with a nice cappucino, latte, long black, short black, Vienna.... forget it! Cafes and restaurants usually serve coffee in enormous bowl-like cups and at a temperature safe enough for a baby's bath,

The quest for coffee became a mission for me and I even scoured Copenhagen from end to end - ending up at a swish cafe in the main town square and hopefully clutching a very short black.

Lukewarm - not particularly strong. Not to worry, it didn't hurt me to cut down on the caffeine intake.

Fish, glorious fish
Fish, glorious fish

5 types of herring
This is the famous "5 herring" meal. Curried herring, marinated herring, fried herring, another variety of marinated herring and.... herring!

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