Denmark 2001


Photos from my trip to the Kingdom of Denmark in 2001.
Walking into Copenhagen centre from our lodgings I made a momentous discovery. The burial place of one the most influential thinkers of modern times! The sign said "Kirkegaarde" and something else, which I took to mean "Kirkegaarde is buried here".
"No, no, my friend patiently explained, not the philosopher, although he is buried in one. Kirkegaarde means literally 'Church Garden'. "
Ah, all was clear. In English we use graveyard, which is probably an appropriate name for the philosopher who sounded the death knell of religion. Not that I have actually read Kirkegaarde, but I've read books by people who have read Kirkegaarde. Or at least they say theyt have.
"How about this then!" I exclaimed - the last resting place of Carl Nielsen, one of the greatest composers of the 20th century. The name was right and the years about right. Not that I have actually listened to Nielsen. But I have listened to a lot of Sibelius, who is similar, and hailed from Finland, just up the fiord.
"Oh dear", my friend said cautiously, obviously not wanting to disappoint me. "Actually Carl Nielsen is quite a comon Danish name, so this might not be the Carl Nielsen, although it could be."
Most Danes, or those that I spoke to about these matters, contract maintenance companies to care for the graves. The Kirkegaardes I saw were quite beautiful. Anyway I guess the grave of the Carl Nielsen would at least have a statue, baton in hand.
Not that I have actually read Kirkegaarde...