Moesgard - Viking Church and houses

A few hundred metres down the road from the Moesgard Museum is a reconstruction of a Viking Age farm complete with church.

We walked up a steep earth driveway past a fence woven from thorns and vines - enough to slow down a wave of unwelcome visitors! The house was originally built in AD 875 near Hedeby and transported here. Next to it is an interesting construction which reminded me of the German bunkers we were to see later.

It is a "pit-house" originally built in nearby Arhus in about 900 AD. Half sunk into the ground, it was used as a storeroom, workshop and indeed a dwelling.

Christianity came to Denmark in 965 A.D. and the first Christian Churches built were wood. The structure is only about 10 by 5 metres and of an uncomplicated design. The colour schemes and ornamentations were copied from surviving fragments of contemporary churches.

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