Arhus Museum of Occupation

Welcome to the Museum of Occupation
Welcome to the Museum of Occupation.

The Museum started life as a grand manor house, then became the Police headquarters, was taken over by the Gestapo during the occupation, returned to the Danish Police after the war and then finally put in the hands of a group of dedicated volunteers when the Police moved to a brand new HQ.

The facade must have taken on dreadful connotations during the Gestapo reign.

The Iron Cross and citation.

Identity badge for Jews (German = Jude). The museum also has charts explaining the various categpories and sub categories of prisoner, each with their own emblem. Jews, communist Jews, anarchists, homosexuals, the list goes on.

Gestapo Interrogation Cell
This Gestapo interrogation cell wasn't a place you'd care to stay. On display were various instruments of torture - brass knuckles, whips and flails - and the floor sloped ominously toward a central drain.

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