Denmark 2001

Lars, a contemporary Dane

Lars is a Super Geek from way back. He loves flight sims and got hooked on PC sims by Chuck Yeager's Air Combat ... like many of us !

"I had just started college at the time, and during the autumn of 1991 several of my classmates bought PCs. Then I saw Wolfenstein 3D running on a 386 with a Sound Galaxy soundcard (a nasty Soundblaster 16 Clone) sometime in 1992, and the little voice in my head started whispering ... Peee Ceee... "
These days he is Systems Manager for a company which designs Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's), mainly for defense applications.
When he's not putting together a part for a Saab Viggen he's fiddling with a recently resurrected Pentium which he has configured to run the classic DOS sims. I'm glad he is doing it because believe me it takes persistence to get those old sims airborne!