Arhus, Denmark

The bakery

The bakery, literally 20 metres from where I was staying - fresh Danishes for breakfast! Alas it was not to be. Like many other Danes, the baker went on summer holidays within a few days of my arrival.

I did get a regular supply of pastries though, I had to walk 40 metres to get them.

What were the Danish pastries like? The variety was perhaps not quite as wide as I'd come to expect in Australia. Or at least in the biggest city in Australia. I'd better qualify my statements here. When I say "... in Australia..." I generally mean in Sydney, in fact in the Eastern suburbs / inner city area. Not really a fair comparison given that Sydney has the same population as Denmark (about 5 million).

Anyway where was I... a yes, pastries. The pastries. Nice, good variety. Many varieties I hadn't seen before and of course when I got to the bread basket... whew!

Black bread, brown bread, wholemeal, white, sour, sweet.... the list goes on. In a month I didn't eat my way through the entire available range of pastries or breads although I gave it my best shot.

Very thin dry bread
A very thin dry bread covered with various seeds. Tasty too.

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