F-22A: GBU 39B Test 2007
F-22A. This is the aircraft Australia should be acquiring from our ally, the USA.
Japan has already done so!

"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"
- Juvenal 1C CE.
(Who watches the Watchmen?)
Selling us the F-22 is the most cost-effective way to go forward. It is in the US interest to:
Latest developments
Jan 2016: President Trump President Donald Trump has flagged the F-35 program as something that needs to be looked into.

How amazing is it that after two senate enquiries in Australia, President Trump manages to see that something fundamentally corrupt is going on in the F-35 program. Something obviously antitethical to the national interest of the USA.

There is new hope that Australia can extract itself from this disastrous program and construct a truly effective national air defense.

Hopefully we can:
  1. Cancel the F-35
  2. Purchase the F-22
  3. Revive and refurbish the F-111
The F-111 is still an unbeatable attack platform. The F-22 is at the leading edge of air superiority, and it makes sense to adopt commonality with our major ally.
Benefits for the USA
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