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Aimsworth Viper F-16 Cockpit
 Aimsworth Viper F-16 Cockpit |

Aimsworth Viper F-16 Cockpit

" The all-new Aimsworth Viper I is an exacting representation of the real Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon cockpit. It is, in all major dimensions, true to the original.

The Aimsworth Viper I gives you a choice between two versions: the earlier Block 15/40 F-16's and the latest Block 50/52's. The kit is delivered in a knock down format and assembly is required. Simple hand tools are all that's necessary though, and all are included with the kit. A detailed, fully illustrated assembly manual is included as well.

All colors are of the flat military type.

Aimsworth Viper I Aimsworth Viper I
Aimsworth Viper I Aimsworth Viper I

The basic Viper I kit contains the following:

  • The cockpit shell in four parts with complete interior structures in flat dark grey
  • Floor and both side consoles with prepared openings for joystick cabling or the Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar add on kit in flat light grey
  • Floor support structures for the raised front part of the floor
  • A Block 50/52 type center panel in flat dark grey and black
  • An amazingly detailed ACES II ejection seat, including the two headrest mounted pitot arms in flat light/dark grey and olive drab for the simulated canvas drogue chute cover.
  • The glare shield in flat black with all glare shield instruments.

The cockpit has the following measurements:

  • Length - 185 cm
  • Width - 142 cm
  • Height - 125 cm
  • Weight - a little more than 70 Kg.
The following upgrade components are available:
  • Seat upgrade pack 1, containing a detailed representation of the back panels of the ACES II ejection seat.
  • Seat upgrade pack 2, containing three seat levers.
  • Seat upgrade pack 3, containing the complete left & right oxygen system components (non-functional).
  • The Block 50/52 instrument sticker set.
  • The HOTAS Cougar upgrade pack.
  • The complete new and "hyper realistic" Aimsworth F-16 C Block 50/52 instrument/avionics 3-D panel packages.
  • Our brand new fully programmable Aimsworth MFD/ICP and CU
  • An alternative Block 15/40 center panel.
  • The Block 50/52 center panel, pre-drilled for the Block 50/52 instrument panel set.