Clash of the Titans 

FlyingSinger and MiGMan start an epic journey through space and time.

In flight sims!
--/o\-- FLIGHT PLAN --/o\--
o Date 2021-03-23
o Route USA: NAS Key West (KNQX) to NAS Key West (KNQX), VFR
o Country USA
o Locale Florida
o Airport NAS Key West (KNQX) |
o Destination airport NAS Key West (KNQX) |
AC: FlyingSinger: T-45 Goshawk
AC: MiGMan: MB-339 Macchi

GoPro footage from MiGMan's cockpit.
Yes, the T-45 is showing as a Cessna jet. We theorised that the sim would push the correct airframe model, but apparently not. Although FS has tested it with liveries, and they sync up. Go figure?
Anywho, on the next flight MM will have the T-45 installed locally and that should fix that problem.
That to the side, we were stoked to be able to take off, formate and land after a fashion. Definetely a win for the first attempt to get all this working!

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