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Official website - www.computerpilot.com

Description - A bimonthly mag dedicated to flight simulation.

Computer Pilot 13-01

Volume 13 was available as a digital download. At 600 pages, it was on special in November 2009 at USD $4.99. To my mind this is an excellent example of a publisher who understands the dynamics of e-publishing. PC Aviator is taking advantage of the economies of e-publishing to deliver great value to the customer with this product.

PC Aviator was founded in Melbourne, Australia in the early 1990's, specialising in the niche area of Flight Simulation hardware, software and publishing. It continues to have a physical presence in Melbourne although the centre of operations has moved to the USA.

Computer Pilot has been in continuous publication since 1996 and remains one of the two print publications dedicated to our hobby.

The Team

Robert Ferraro - Publisher: " Robert is the 'founding father' and former Editor of Computer Pilot Magazine and owner of parent company PC Aviator, which has grown to become one of the largest dedicated flight simulation companies on the planet since its beginnings back in 1990. It specialises in flight simulation retail and sales. "

Dean Bielanowski - Dean took over the Editor's role in March 2001 (since Volume 5 issue 5) and has steadily improved the magazine's content and style. He was a regular contributor to Computer Pilot for many years before his new appointment and still contributes articles to this day. He has effected the transition of the magazine from bi-monthly to monthly issues. With an energetic style and eye for detail, Dean has transformed the magazine into the most dynamic and professionally presented flight simulation magazine on the planet!

Computer Pilot 13-02

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Computer Pilot 13-04

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