P-51 Takeoff

P-51 Takeoff

Engine checks are routine.
I did them all at 2300 RPM. Mags and prop, a Simmond's regulator check, supercharger check . Of course there are other things to check like carb air and radiator air switches...I won't go through the check list item by item....it's boring as hell anyway.

Now, takeoff in the Mustang is something else again. Don't get me wrong, it's easy if you do it right, but it can bite your butt if you don't.

At this point, you can stop talking to yourself because you can't hear anything else in the world but that Merlin up front - the exhaust stacks are lined up almost directly with your ears

This is very difficult to explain to people who have never done it. The last thing you need in the -51 on a full-power takeoff is to apply too much rudder correction for torque. You are better off easing it in just short, by watching the tendency of the nose, then making a slight final adjustment into the torque.You have to feel it out carefully.

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