Richard Herman 

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I like Richard Herman's books because he populates his world with flawed (real) characters and flawed (real) planes. The stories often emphasise the perspective of the C.O. who has to motivate those characters and develop tactics for difficult tasks. His descriptions of tactics range from formation flying to Wild Weasel and are very useful reading for any Jet Sim Jock or Jockette.

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In Firebreak F-15 Strike Eagles roar into action. Amchair jocks will love the descriptions of the Mudhen doing it's thing. Richard Herman: Firebreak
Force of Eagles describes the action in detail as a force of F-15 Eagles deploys to the Middle East. There's also action a-plenty from C-130 Hercules and F-111s. Richard Herman: Force of Eagles
Warbirds In Warbirds Richard Herman narrates as Libya provokes a world crisis and the 45th Tactical Fighter Wing relocates to the region. We are in for some dramatic flying as their F-4's battle it out with Libyan SAMs and MiGs. This is a gripping yarn with great descriptions of night flying and strike missions, perfect fodder for the armchair pilot! Richard Herman: Warbirds
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