The good news is that I can run MSFS 2020 on my PC - by FlyingSinger Sept 8th, 2020 
Article by Bruce Irving.

FlyingSinger reported:

MSFS is fun and impressive but frustrating too. The visuals are great but between rustiness, unfamiliar controls, and low FPS, itís more like setting up photo ops than flying.

My most successful landings so far have been on water. I donít line up too well with runways. Maybe I should enable auto rudder and turn off the twist axis on my cheap Thrustmaster stick. Iíll probably get pedals again sometime.

I decided to spend $160 (USD) on a 4 GB GTX 1650 card which is 70% faster than my 2 GB 1050. Arrives tomorrow.

Sort of a bandaid since Iím thinking Iíd like to go VR when they support that, probably sometime in 2021.

My limited analysis of the FPS display in my screenshots suggests that my CPU can render a frame in 17-20 ms which implies a frame rate of 50-59 FPS. My GPU is limiting in every screenshot, with a frame taking 25-39 ms, suggesting 25-40 FPS. So my hope is the 1650 will get me into 45-60 FPS. Itís worth a shot. I could have gone faster but Iím not sure what my power supply will handle. And the CPU is marginal so that will be limiting. The 1650 is a direct replacement for the 1050 with similar form factor and only 75W power draw. 1080 is all Iím looking for, not 1440 or 4K.

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