Hawaii Canyon Adventure - by FlyingSinger Sept 13th, 2020 Articles

Article by Bruce Irving.

FlyingSinger reported:

I spent some time caching scenery for my area at Medium and High level.

Also Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard and the Big Island of Hawaii.

When I had a conference there in June 2014, Betty came and we made it a vacation, driving around the Volcanoes National Park and visiting the top of Mauna Kea. It was amazing. We took two helicopter tours, over a volcanic area and along the cliffs and canyons of the north coast.

On the day I flew that one it was really marginal VFR but the pilot was good and he flew us through the mist in this narrow canyon to see the waterfalls.

I just tried flying into and out of that same canyon in MSFS2020 in a couple of different planes.

Hawaii Canyon Adventure - by FlyingSinger Sept 13th, 2020

It's really cool and the lighting effects are amazing. I didn't do mist yet. I keep making the same mistake of slowing down in the narrow, bending end of the canyon then trying to climb up over the edge - and stalling! I should be better at this but it's really sort of humorous in the sim, especially the video clip of stalling, crashing, and sliding back down the slope.

I admire that helo pilot even more. There's one video where he's hovering against a gray mist. He inches closer to the cliff and suddenly there's a waterfall. Of course he probably flies this route six times a day. But still.

This album has a bunch of the videos from the helo flight and some screen shots and 30 second vids of my flight sim failures.

From altitude the scenery is gorgeous and there are no load delays since it's cached at Medium for the whole island and High for the north shore cliffs and canyon. It takes remarkably little space to cache any area that is mostly terrain and trees. Only dense buildings seem to take a lot of space. Of course the trees and such are algorithmic.

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