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Article by Bruce Irving.

FlyingSinger reported:

After a frustrating MSFS2020 session early this morning with the Cessna 172S and the Garmin G1000 auto pilot and unflyable frame rates (15-24 FPS), I decided to change a few things and go back to basics with the C152. KISS (keep it simple, stupid). I reduced the sensitivity of my joystick and I preloaded the ďHighĒ scenery for the entire Fitchburg area, roughly 2 GB of data, connecting it to the Worcester area with a cached section at Medium res (higher quality is probably lost with my settings anyway but if it matters at all, itís when you are low near an airport).

Then I set up the same flight from KFIT to KORH via 3B3 (2500 feet) and flew it manually, with much better results, around 36-40 FPS. Not great but usable. I used this morningís real local time and weather (itís a nice day with some fluffy cumulus clouds). Mount Wachusett and the reservoir looked great, downtown Worcester not so much. I ignored ATC calls (I thought I had turned them off) for a left base pattern and turned to a straight-in approach to runway 29. I deployed flaps and lowered power appropriately. The panel view was comfortable and familiar (the left wing strut view too). The runway view also (Iíve landed on the real 29 at ORH at least a hundred times, probably more). I paid attention to heading and was lined up pretty well on final but control response was still jerky and I finally landed hard on the left edge of the runway. ?I need to remember to line up a spot on the windshield or dashboard as a reference, NOT the center of the nose!?

Also: pitch trim is easier with keypad num 7 and 1 than the joy stick buttons.

I think that running a complex Garmin G1000 simulation adds enough additional CPU load that my 2016 PC canít handle it even though it is using all 8 cores. It might be possible to do some GPS/nav/autopilot work if I turn graphics down to low. When youíre doing IFR/instrument work the outside view doesnít matter much anyway.

I know I will get a new PC for this. The question is when and how powerful (and expensive). Iíd be happier with a $2Kish system with a really beefy 8 GB GPU I am sure.

I wish I could put this genie back in the bottle but truth be told, I like this flying stuff just as much as I do music!

This song by Bill Callahan wasnít on Apple Music a few years ago when I first found it. But here it is now. Low-key words about the wonder of flight.

Small Plane You used to take me up I watched and learned How to fly No navigation system Beyond our eyes Watching I always went wrong in the same place Where the river splits towards the sea That couldn't possibly be You and me Sometimes you sleep while I take us home That's when I know We really have a home I never like to land Getting back up seems impossibly grand We do it with ease Danger, I never think of danger I really am a lucky man I really am a lucky man Flying this small plane I like it when I take the controls from you And when you take the controls from me I really am a lucky man I really am a lucky man Flying this small plane Eyes scan the path ahead And all around Songwriter: Bill Callahan Odd video for this tune: https://youtu.be/Mh5km2xKlfk https://youtu.be/Mh5km2xKlfk Aviation Daily life Flying Lyrics Memories MSFS Music People Simulations Songwriting Technology

K.I.S.S. - by FlyingSinger Sept 13th, 2020

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