Flight of Passage re-done in 2014! - October 7th, 2020 - by FlyingSinger

Article by Bruce Irving.

FlyingSinger reported:

Iím making plans to try the Flight of Passage flight in MSFS 2020 now that Iíve got good graphics and can capture video etc.

Iíve got the map from the book and the text mentions all the airports so I have a Google Maps list where Iíve started to collect the airports.

Some airports are gone so I will need to substitute nearby small ones. While searching for info on one of these I found an AOPA article about a couple who bought the Bucksí old Cub, restored it again, and flew the route in 2014! They went to Connecticut first and met Rinker and Kern and even flew the old Cub with them: www.aopa.org...2014...retracing-flight-of-passage.

And then I found there was a Zoom event remembering the trip in June 2020 with Rinker as a special guest! A 90 minute video is available on YouTube. I watched most of it and itís a great reference for my ďtripĒ - lots of photos and stories. https://youtu.be/02pTm7dNro4

Also Buck family home movies of Kernís first solo in 1964: https://youtu.be/kR3fjA49d4w.

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