Boeing Stearman

Article by Bruce Irving.

FlyingSinger reported:

"Here's a shot of me in the Yellow Peril and also a cockpit shot of the approach to Riverside (CA) airport

This was on my first (20 min) Stearman ride at an airshow.

I was back in LA a few weeks later and did the aerobatics hop (this was 1996). That flight was the most fun I ever had with my clothes on (as they say!) -- steep turns (2G or so), loops, barrel rolls, even a hammerhead (it gets awwwfully quiet when the wind stops just before the pilot kicked right rudder to drop the nose straight down).

Chino in the Stearman

I actually did a small web site (since gone) for the guy in partial payment for some flight time, he was selling rides and aerobatics training, and I go to LA about 5 times a year. Unfortunately he had to sell the Stearman, so I only got that one aerobatics flight. He was a police officer in Anaheim, CA.

I'm hoping to return to serious flight lessons this summer. I have 17 hours in C152 and C172, spread over 3 years. I found a small airport near my new home with C150 for "only" US$70 an hour including gas and instructor (this is cheap for US, it can be $100 or more).

Chino in the Stearman

Chino in the Stearman

Steven Coonts book "Cannibal Queen" describes his flight around the USA in a restored Stearman. If that book doesn't motivate you to run out and sign up for flying lessons then nothing will! MiGMan

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