Article by Bruce Irving.

FlyingSinger reported:

"At the Farnborough Air Show in July, the Russians demonstrated the Sukhoi Su-32. The massive side-by-side cockpit of this tactical bomber is large enough to include a small galley and toilet, and the ejection seats have built-in massage functions (say it ain't so, Ivan!). Advanced phased array radar and other modern avionics make this a very formidable ground attack aircraft (this aircraft was formerly called the Su-34 and has been referred to as the "Strike Flanker"). "

The inclusion of a small galley. Does it have a microwave?

I reckon they bleed radiation from the radar to heat their cabbage soup!
I first came across this cool looking aircraft in US Navy Fighters. If I remember correctly you had to defend Marines in LCAC's as they came under attack by Su-34's escorted by Su-27 Flankers... very nasty!  

Su-32 Sukhoi at Farnborough 2000
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