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Virtual Top Gun

This CD-ROM book is an excellent introduction to computer air combat. He pretty much goes through ALL the basics of flying the aircraft to combat and uses a variety of visual tools from creative diagrams and photos to the ACM Visualisation Tool.

If you're new to Air Combat sims or you want to get a friend interested in the subject make sure you bundle a copy of Virtual Top Gun with that sim-present you're thinking of giving.

The animation at right, showing a missile avoidance manoeuver, was excerpted from the ACM Visualisation Tool included in Virtual Top Gun. The tool enables you to view manoeuvers from these views:

  • Cockpit
  • Padlock
  • Chase
  • External
  • Fly-by
  • To Target
  • From Target
  • Track
  • Satellite

Note that the animation in the ACM tool is smooth (unlike my animation) and can played faster and slower, as well as with and without smoke trails and altitude markers. The effect is pretty much like the ACM tools used in USAF training.

I particularly liked the demo of basic Helicopter manoeuvers - notably the torque turn.

Jack Morrison: Virtual Top Gun

  • Introduction
  • Setting up a sim PC
  • Flight school
  • Cockpit instruments and controls
  • Navigation
  • Situational Awareness
  • Radar
  • Air-to-Air weapons
  • Air-to-Ground weapons
  • Physics of flying
  • Air combat overview
  • Air combat flight training
  • Wingmen and other friendlies
  • Multiplayer air combat
  • Resource management
  • Survival tips
  • Helicopters
  • Vectored thrust
  • Creating your own campaigns
  • Popular combat aircraft
  • Classic combat simulations
  • Simulation versus reality
  • Appendix a: Fighter pilot for a day
  • Appendix b: Angles fighting
  • Appendix c: Energy fighting
  • Appendix d: Building your own rudder pedals
  • Appendix e: Military reference data
  • Appendix f: References and resources
  • Appendix g: Glossary/index

Jack Morrison: Virtual Top Gun
This animation was excerpted from the ACM Visualisation Tool included in Virtual Top Gun. Note that the animations play perfectly smoothly in the program.

Jack Morrison: Virtual Top Gun

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