Bill McGuire

After the Liberators : A Father's Last Mission, a Son's Lifelong Journey

The author Bill McGuire from Larchmont, NY wrote me:
This book tells the story of the 8th Air Force mission to Friedrichshafen, Germany of March 18, 1944, in which the 392nd BG lost 14 Liberators. Specifically, it is also about my Navigator dad's final hours, and how I first came to learn the details in the mid-1990s, secure his files, interview surviving vets and visit his old base in England, his burial place at St. Avold, France and the crash site in southwestern Germany (for his plane and two additional heavies.)
If you care to read more check out endorsements on from Len Deighton, Roger Freeman, novelist James Patterson, Col. Larry Gordon (USAF, Ret.) and Richard Snow, ed. American Heritage magazine.
Terrific sim site by the way!
Bill McGuire, 2001