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Aircraft Carrier! (VHS):

Nova's video Aircraft Carrier! is a couple of years older (1994) and is just one hour long. Here the carrier is the USS Independence, on station in the Persian Gulf in 1993, enforcing the no-fly zones in Iraq.

There are interviews with several F-14 pilots, a couple of whom happen to attend ""Top Gun"" training during the filming and then rejoin the boat for combat air patrols over Iraq. The self-confident attitude of fighter pilots (bordering on narcissism in one case) really comes through in these interviews -- these guys are good, and they let you know it!

There are good action and flying sequences, but overall, I preferred the Discovery Channel video over this one. Both videos are available to order on-line and perhaps also through some video stores ( try Discovery , , or Amazon ). At the PBS site I also learned of a 1999 carrier-related Nova episode that I haven't seen yet, ""Battle Alert in the Gulf"".

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