WarGames was made in 1983 when the Cold War was still in full swing.

War Games (1983) movie:

The basic idea is that a teenage hacker gets into the NORAD mainframe and sets wheels in motion which bring the US and USSR closer to war. A lot of the action takes place at NORAD HQ under Cheyenne mountain.

Computer geeks will love it as the screenplay is pretty well researched with the appropriate military acronyms and computing terms being used. It's a well thought out plot which raises plenty of questions such as the role of humans in the military decision making loops. It makes computing seem relevant and interesting and surely that's a good thing?

Bloopers: 2 F-16's are launched... they turn out to be F-15's.

The bottom line is I was thoroughly absorbed for the whole 108 minutes. Then again, sometimes I'm easily amused!

Well worth a look.

MiG-rating: 4 stars

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