Scott "Zuma" Wolf

June 24th, 2008

Col Anthony "Polar Bear" Steensgaard, VF-124 Gunfighters
" and are down due to people on AD, wounded and Russian Hackers using our site as a mirrors, while we were away.
We have had 3 Staff members wounded and lost 3 Staff members from, since the War on Terror started. Now we have lost Zuma, a true friend, aviator and flight simulation enthusiast.
We will miss his knowledge and eye for details.
Did you know that he flew in a US Army Comanche Attack Helo, at Ft Rucker, while working for PC Gamer Magazine? He was also a Captain in the US Air Force Auxiliary.
I will send some more photos of him at Rucker and Air Combat Flight School, when I find them. He was a great friend and always had a sense of humor that made me blow hot coffee out of my nose on several occassions! I now drink iced coffee! ;-D

"The Last JPG that Zuma sent me..."