Kingdom in the Valley


Most of the urban areas in Andorra are situated on the valley floors. Fly past the capital Andorra la Vella and return via broad valleys just over the border with Spain. Andorra lacks an airport, so we take off from the nearest which is La Seu d’Urgell LESU at Catalonia in Spain, just 6 nm S of the border. LESU is a spectacular airport in it's own right, being positioned on a plateau.

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WP 1 - Enter the valley

WP 2 - Follow the valley N to Andorra la Vella, elev. 4,622 ft

WP 3 - Follow the valley

WP 4 - Follow the valley

WP 5 - Follow the valley

WP 6 - Circuit Andorra - Motor racing track

WP 7 - Follow the valley

WP 8 - Follow the valley to the lake at the centre of Puigcerda, Spain

WP 9 - Follow the valley W to a quarry

LESU La Seu d’Urgell

Andorra la Vella