Scouting by Sea and Air


Camden Airport is bordered on three sides by the Nepean River and is the Boy Scouts air activity base. I have seen everything there from gliders to L-39 Fighter Jets!
Grays Point is on the northern edge of the Royal National Park. I suggest flying at low level along the bends of the Hacking River before turning north past Cronulla Beach.
Botany Bay is where Captain James Cook first stepped ashore from HMS Endeavour on April 29th 1770. Initially thinking this to be a suitable site for the 1st settlement, he changed his mind upon sailing 10 miles north to the mouth of what became Sydney Harbour.

Nav data


WP 1 - Intersection of Hume Highway and Narellan Road, Campbelltown

WP 2 - Lucas Heights Nuclear Research Facility

WP 3 - Grays Point

There is plenty of great detail in this area.

WP 4 - Follow the Hacking River to Bundeena

Cronulla Beach

WP 5 - Kurnell Oil Refinery

WP 6 - Follow the Georges River to Alfords Point Road bridge

WP 7 - Holsworthy Army Airfield YSHW

WP 8 - Industrial Park at the intersection of Hume Highway and Campbelltown Road

YSCN Camden