Lake Wyangala


Visit Lake Wyangala Dam (built in 1935) and return via Charcoar Dam and the Mid Western Highway. Or, if you prefer, follow the rail line. Note: We also visit Carcoar Dam in the flight out of Orange.

Nav data


WP 1 - SE for 17 nm along the Lachlan River to Wyangala Dam

WP 2 - NE for 10 nm along Lake Wyangala to it's NE corner

WP 3 - NNE for 15 nm to Lake Rowlands and Mount Macquarie (4,022 ft)

WP 4 - N for 1.5 nm to Carcoar Dam

WP 5 - W for 2 nm to Carcoar

WP 6 - SW for 5 nm along the Mid Western Highway to Lyndhurst, where the rail line and highway diverge

WP 7 - SW for 12 nm along either highway or the rail line to Woodstock

WP 8 - SW for 11 nm along the Mid Western Highway and the rail line to Cowra YCWR

YCWR Cowra

YCWR Cowra


Lake Wyangala

Lake Wyangala

Lake Carcoar