Gunnedah & Lake Keepit


Explore the beautiful Lake Keepit, some 13nm NE of Gunnedah.
Airports enroute:
Lake Keepit Airport at the southern end of the lake, some 2 nm to the SE of Keepit Dam.
Shorter flights
14 nm NE to Lake Keepit
9 nm |to Curlewis
16 nm to Lake Goran qhich is visible some 8 nm SSW of Curlewis at WP 1

Nav data


WP 1 - 13 nm NE to Keepit Dam

Fly along the lake and then aim for the dip in the mountain range

WP 2 - NE along Keepit Reservoir and continue for 21 nm to Split Rock Dam

WP 3 - 10 nm S to Manilla

WP 4 - SSW for 18 nm to Babbinboon Mountain

WP 5 - SW for 7 nm to the Mooki River

WP 6 - Continue for 7 nm to Curlewis

WP 7 - N for 9 nm along the Kamilarol Highway to land at Gunnedah YGDH

YGDH Gunnedah





Crop Circles