Scone SE: Lakes, Dams and Mines.


In the area bounded by Muswellbrook, Singleton and Lake Saint Clar lay Drayton, Liddel, Mount Thorley and a host of other large open cut coal mines. Areas to explore: The vast complex of mines and processing plants south of Muswellbrook, between WP 1, 2 and 3. Lake Saint Clair at WP 3. Entire route: 87 nm Shorter return flights: 19 nm | Lake Glenbawn at WP 4 28 nm | Muswellbrook

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WP 1 - Follow the New England Highway S to Muswellbrook

WP 2 - Lake Liddell / Liddell Power Station

WP 3 - Mount Thorley Mine

WP 4 - Glennies Creek Dam

WP 5 - Glenbawn Dam

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