A Slew of Strips

Take a cruise from Norman's Cay (MYEN 4697 ft) down to Exuma International (MYEF 7061 ft), passing a slew of small airstrips beyond the few marked in this flight plan. Norman's Cay was home to an infamous smuggling ring in the 1980's. to the main island of Exuma. This is one of the very few flight plans in MiGMan's World Tour where you do not land at your originating airport.


WP 1 - Hawksbill Cay

WP 2 - Shroud Cays

WP 3 - Halls Pond Cay

WP 4 - Fowl Cay MYXA 1033 ft

WP 5 - Staniel Cay MYES 3019 ft & Thunderball Grotto

WP 6 - Black Point MYEB 2622 ft

WP 7 - Little Darby Island MYXF 1293 ft

WP 8 - Lee Stocking Island - Grass strip

Exuma (MYEF)