Minsk Lakes

Tour a few of the beautiful lakes in and around Minsk. Best flown low and slow. I recommend 500 ft altitude and around 100 kts or less to best enjoy the scenery.


WP 1 - Svislach Lake

WP 1 - Svislach Lake

WP 2 - Follow the river north until the river ends

WP 3 - National Libary

WP 4 - Island on Lake Tsbyanka

WP 5 - Island (East on Zaslawskaye Reservoir)

WP 6 - Rabbit Hole Steading (NW Zaslawskaye Reservoir)

WP 7 - Robinson Club (SW Zaslawskaye Reservoir)

WP 8 - Minsk Beltway Bridge (near the Aqua Park)

WP 9 - Playground: Detskaya Igrovaya Ploshchadka 'Korabl'
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