Matanzas North West Coast

Located 45 nm east of Havana, Matanzas is capital of the Province of Matanzas. Take off from Juan G. Gomez International Airport. Fly to Matanzas, over several large lakes and return along the coast from Santa Cruz del Norte, about 20 miles east of Havana.
Return flights:


WP 1 - Matanzas Harbour

WP 1 - Matanzas Harbour / Bridge at the mouth of the San Juan River

WP 2 - Caunavaco Dam

WP 2 - Caunavaco Dam

WP 3 - Santa Cruz del Norte

WP 4 - Bacunayagua Inlet

WP 4 - Turn point

WP 5 - Town: Carbonera

Juan G. Gomez International Airport MUVR