WP 1 - Kalo Slotsruin (ruins of 14th century Kalo Castle)

WP 2 - Sudstrup Vaerket (thermal power station)

WP 3 - Aarhus Universitets Hospital

WP 4 - Hasle Hills (small naked hill in the town centre with visible walking tracks)

WP 5 - Major intersection

WP 6 - Ceres Park Stadium, Marselisborg

WP 7 - Aarhus Harbour, North

As per usual, I flew at 500 feet altitude on the coastal leg.

WP 8 - Sudstrup Vaerket

WP 9 - Kalo Slotsruin

Approaching Aarhus (EKAH) from the SW

Approaching Aarhus (EKAH) from the NE