Cap Haitien to Tortuga

Fly out of Cap Haitien on Haiti's north coast to the island of Tortuga. Pass the coastal areas of the Baie de I'Acul, Boyeou, Chouchou, Le Borgne, Grand Fond, Anse a Foleur, Cap Rouge, Saint-Louis-du-Nord and La Pointe.
Return flights: 30 nm: Boyeou, Chouchou | 40 nm: Le Borgne | 50 nm: Grand Fond, Anse a Foleur | 60 nm: Cap Rouge, Saint-Louis-du-Nord | 107 nm: Entire route


Le Borgne

Anse a Foleur


WP 1 - Port-de-Paix

WP 2 - Trou Basseux on Tortuga

WP 3 - Raisinier on Tortuga

WP 4 - Headland at Port-a-L'ecu Bay

WP 5 - La Boutique

Ridge 10nm before WP 6 (half way between WP 5 and WP 6)

WP 6 - Haut Leve | ~ 12 nm west of Cap Haitien Airport

Cap Haitien Airport MTCH

Cap Haitien

Cap Haitien