Inside St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg was formerly known as Petrograd and Leningrad. It is a strategic port in Russia's north-west and was famously besieged by the Wermacht in World War II from 8th Sept 1941 to 27th Jan 1944.
Follow the elevated roadway north along Neva Bay to the Lakhta Center (87 story skyscraper). Beyond it is Lake Lakhta, fed by the Kamenka, Glukharka and Yuntolovka rivers.
Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood is a Russian Orthodox church. Nearby landmarks include: Peter and Paul Fortress, Field of Mars and the Admiralty Building.
Moskovsky Victory Park is opposite the large round EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Fly over the helipark on the edge of town.

WP 1 - Western High Speed Toll Road
Pick up the road at New Port

WP 2 - Gazprom Stadium
(Unfinished in the sim as of Jan 2022)

WP 3 - Lakhta Centre

WP 4 - Kantemirovskiy Bridge

WP 4 - Kantemirovskiy Bridge

WP 5 - Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Peter and Paul Fortress

Field of Mars

WP 6 - Moskovsky Victory Park

EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre on the left