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Circumnavigate the beautiful island of Singapore. Follow the border with Malaysia on the Johor causeway across the top of the island then continue around the shore of Singapore. You may want to loiter in the Marina Bay area on the south side and admire both the gardens and the spectacular skyline.

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WP 1 - Pulau Tekong Basic Military Training Centre

Johor causeway

WP 2 - Follow the Johor Causeway to Johor Causeway Bridge

WP 3 - Follow the Johor Causeway to Second Link Bridge

WP 4 - Follow the Johor Causeway to SW corner of the port facility

WP 5 - Sudong Military Airstrip WSSI on Sudong Island

WP 6 - Tanjong Golf Course

WP 7 - Marina Bay Sands Hotel

WSSS Changi

WSSS Changi