Fly the length of the strategically important Dardanelles Strait which connects the Agean Sea to the Sea of Marmara.
During World War I, on April 25th 1915 the Australia New Zealand Army Corp (ANZAC) landed south of Suvla bay as part of an offensive to open the Dardenelles Straits to Allied warships. The campaign lasted 11 months, ended in stalemate, and the forces were withdrawn in January 1916. The ANZAC Corp were assisted by British, Indian, Irish, French, and Newfoundland troops. The Gallipoli Campaign is commemorated annually in Australia and New Zealand and is the most significant day on their calendar remembering military casualties.
Helles - British landings on April 25th, 1915. Anzac Cove - Beach where ANZAC forces landed. Suvla Bay - Site where the British IX Corps landed on August 6th 1915.
Round trip distances:


WP 1 - Helles

WP 1 - Helles

WP 2 - Gallipoli Battlefield

WP 2 - Gallipoli Battlefield | WP 3 - Lone Pine Cemetery | Pass Anzac Cove

WP 3 - Lone Pine Cemetery

Anzac Cove

WP 4 - Suvla Bay

Follow the coast

WP 5 - Sun Beach

WP 5 - Sun Beach

WP 6 - Town of Geliboli | (Eng.) It. Gallipoli, Gr. Kallipolis: 'beautiful city'

WP 7 - Wharf at Akbas | Cross the strait | Pass Canakkale Port Services Command

WP 7 - Wharf at Akbas

Canakkale Port Services Command


Canakkale LTBH