• Recon flight
  • content_pasteHad an in-flight emergency when the airspeed/mach indicators went u/s! Landed successfully. On reviewing the cockpit cam I saw that the airspeed HAD come back online during final approach, but I was so fixated on the picture, relating it to past landings in order to guess the speed, that I hadn't even noticed!
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  • Ethiopia  Ethiopia
  • location_cityAddis Ababa
  • flight_takeoffBole
  • tagEmergencyLandingMiGMan’s Combat Diary
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  • VFR to IMC - Emergency!!
  • content_pasteA very sobering experience!
    In retrospect I should have engaged altitude hold immediately. I couldn't believe how, once my visual references were removed (by rain), I was -- totally -- behind the aircraft in every respect.
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  • Denmark  Denmark
  • location_cityAarhus
  • flight_takeoffAarhus
  • tagEmergency
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  • 15 minutes of FUN in Antigua
  • content_pasteA tropical paradise! I must come back in a helicopter!
    Managed a wheels up landing... unintentional! Tore off the right flaps and put a few dings in the bodywork, nothing that won't buff out!
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  • Antigua and Barbuda  Antigua and Barbuda
  • location_citySaint Johns
  • flight_takeoffV.C Bird
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  • Emergency Procedures in Flight Sims
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