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about:   "For upscaled resolutions using dgVoodoo (seriously that program is a magical thing!), make sure to use the 2.60 version. Later versions don't seem to be compatible."
Eurofighter Typhoon
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  updated:   2020-09-20
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GOG --/o\-- Run old sims in Windows  
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published:   2021   updated:   2021-03-11
Utility | WineD3D For Windows (external link): WineD3D For Windows  

WineD3D For Windows is a DirectX 1-11 to OpenGL wrapper based on WineD3D, which is an almost full implementation of DirectX used in Wine. Even if Windows supports DirectX natively, using WineD3D can enhance backwards compatiblity with older games, especially on Windows 8 and newer that don't support 16 bit screen modes. Another possible use is to emulate unsupported versions of DirectX, or porting DirectX applications to OpenGL without having to rewrite the rendering code. Please note that WineD3D is far from perfect, and many games will not work.

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  updated:   2020-09-20