• content_pasteThe opening scenes to this 1990 flight sim from Activision are an accurate time capsule! The PC hardware of the day was only capable of displaying a limited number of polygons and colours, and the sound made good use of the latest sound card technology. Note that in the game you could also fly in cockpit view.
  • airline_seat_recline_extraF-14 Tomcat
  • local_airportGrumman F-14 Tomcat
  • precision_manufacturingActivision
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  • content_pasteTotal Air War (TAW) is an aptly-named product. More than a combat flight simulator, it offers a strategic component based on modern air warfare theories first applied in the 1991 Gulf War. It sported a spiral bound manual which included more than one hundred pages of detailed information on both allies and adversaries weapons platforms and systems.
  • airline_seat_recline_extraTotal Air War
  • Persian Gulf  Persian Gulf
  • local_airportLockheed Martin F-22 Raptor
  • precision_manufacturingDigital Image Design
  • tagExhibitCombat
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