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Flight Model comparison

These comparison tables will be gradually populated in 2020 as I migrate the Museum exhibits and artifacts to the new schema.
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1942 The Pacific Air War 1942 The Pacific Air War 1992Flight models and performance differences between planes seemed extremely realistic. Torpedo planes were slow and heavy handling -- good luck surviving a career in these puppies! Dive bombers were better (but learning to dive bomb accurately is not easy). Early fighters like the F4F were underpowered and had to be handled well to succeed against Zero's. The effectiveness of different types of guns was modeled.
MiGMan thanks Chino.
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3-D Helicopter Simulator 3-D Helicopter Simulator 1987AH-64
We have included a loadable helicopter modeled on the Apache AH-64 military attack helicopter. Although this will change your appearance, your helicopter will still fly as though it is a Robinson R-22.
Controlling the Helicopter
We have attempted to accurately simulate the controls of a real helicopter by slightly delaying the keyboard response to match the delayed response of real helicopter controls. This produces an "inertia" effect which is a prevalent helicopter flight characteristic.
Page 21, last paragraph. Failure of your engine during flight will always result in your "death"
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Flight Commander 2 Flight Commander 2 Read more